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Bringing Out The Light Of Truth.


We're Samira & Ben, a couple deeply in love with the occult & spiritual realm.
The concept of Luciferothica came to life right after our wedding in 2016.
The idea was to balance occult and spiritual matters out in the form of Jewellery and designs with a gothic twist.Samira followed her passion of jewellery-making and started designing and crafting. All earrings, complex necklaces and other jewellery are handcrafted by her.
Mid-2017 Luciferothica was born as an online-shop offering alternative, unique jewellery.
By the end of 2017 we upgraded the shop with several new designs, jewellery and non-jewellery. From 2018 to the end of 2019, Luciferothica, our passion grew out into a fast developing store specialised in gohtic, occult and spiritual items, jewellery and designs.
 At the moment we offer you the largest choice of jewellery online available in the world.
Our goal is to share our passion with like-minded people, occultists who understand the message throughout the designs, goths and people who create their own reality.

Luciferothica stands for the reason to actually wear unique, one of a kind jewellery and to enlight the one that understands.

Luciferothica is in no way associated with any order, cult, religion, doctrine or culture & politics. We promote freedom, liberty & love.

- Wearing jewellery to satisfy the need of self-expression.
- Wearing jewellery in order to gain from its energy and power.

The message contained in the idea and concept of Luciferothica and her designs is observable for the sage who doesn't look but sees. Lucifer means literally "light-bringer" in latin.
We try to bring out the light of truth through symbolism and jewellery. There is no left hand path, there is no right hand path but only the path to enlightenment.
Only by acknowledging the darkness of the world one realizes that all shadows come from light.
 All is one. Love is the law.

The designs you choose can be delicate or bold, colorful or subdued, intricate and expensive or economical and simple. Symbols on pieces of jewellery each carry their own meaning, projecting a message about you to the world. Whether you send out this messages intentionally or not jewellery can be seen as a small reflection of a person’s personality.
Only by wearing and researching the symbols, delving deeper into the subject one can progress and let go to move on.
Every design we have available has it's own meaning. They are a reflection of study, creativity and parts of our path and awakening in the past. A window to the progress of our souls.
So, break the chains of dogma, question. Consider everything. Research. Believe nothing.
Be the master of your own reality. The world is not what it seems and the truth has to come out.
Ben & Lucifera Samira

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